125 Ways to Tell a Guy You Like Him


In todays world of dating it seams like everyone is hooking up and finding their dream man.

There are tons of online dating sites, but what if you find a guy you like right there in front of you? It does still happen.

What can you do to let him know you are interested in being more than friends?

Here are some ideas on what you can do to show a guy you like him, some ideas are subtle and cute, others are quite direct and should leave no question about your intent.

You may need to try a few things, after all not all guys pick up on the little queues, but those queues might put thoughts into his head and start seeing you in a new light.

Sometimes love is right in front of you and has been for a while.

Your best friend does something and next thing you know; you are looking at him as more than your wingman for the next trip to the bar. Here are some ways to take him from buddy to honey.

1. Invite them over for a special meal of their favorite foods – you have been friends for a while now and you know what he orders from every take out place in a five-mile radius.

Go with his favorites or even make them yourself from scratch.

2. Make them their favorite dessert or snack –

Aside from their favorite meal, what about desert, most men have a sweet tooth and the old saying is the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, make him something sweet and delish and he will see you as his next sweetheart.

3. Ask them to go out and do something you know they love like hiking or to an arcade –

hiking, playing video games, whatever his favorite hobby is, treat him to it and let him know the trip is all about him and what he wants to do that day.

4. Leave a special note of your feelings in their car –

If you are afraid of a face to face sneak out to his car and leave a message or fill it with balloons something to get their attention that you are interested.

5. Have a special treat like a fruit bouquet delivered to them –

now a day you can have just about anything delivered, fruit, cookies, singing telegraphs. Send him something you know he loves with a note that you think they are special.

6. If they like beer sign them up for a special beer tour and tell them them – If your friend is a beer guy, they will love a special trip to take a beer tour, kind of like a wine tour but all about beer. Spend the afternoon sampling beers and than let him know why you took him on this amazing trip.

7. Give them a cupcake with a heart on it – Remember guys like food, a simple cupcake with a heart on it will show him he is special and on your mind.

8. Make them heart shaped cookies – Same as the cupcake, but some guys prefer cookies, you can make any kind, sugar cookies are normally in shapes, but you can make a chocolate chip cookie into a heart too.

9. Surprise them for lunch with their favorite food – On stressful days what is better than showing up with their favorite meal (see a theme here) for lunch. Take away the mystery for them of what drive through to go to and give them something they can look forward to eating.

10. Plan a day trip just the two of you someplace he likes – Since you are best friends you know what he likes to do and what a great day trip would be, plan it and tell him it is his special day, end the day with your special message telling him how you feel.

11. Offer a ride – If they have been away offer to pick them up at the airport / train station and bring them a welcome home gift.

12. Make a YouTube Video – The internet is a popular way of spreading your message to millions, for this you only have to send the video to one. Make your video message of you telling him how you feel and send it off.

13. Make a photo montage video – If live videos aren’t your thing, try phots to music of a song that holds a special meaning to you both.

14. Doggy delivery – If they have a dog, tie a special note to the dog’s collar and have the dog deliver it.

15. Dedicated to you – If out with friends with live entertainment, have a song dedicated to him.

16. Gentle touching – Casually touch them when talking them, put your hand on their arm or leg, run your hand through their hair.

17. Read any good books lately? – If they like to read, loan them a book you “know they will love” doesn’t hurt to leave some well meaning quotes marked too.

18. Dress to impress – If they ever said they like an outfit, smell, or jewelry, ware it a lot so they notice.

19. The game of love – If you like playing card or board games slip a note saying you like them into the card deck.

20. Show an interest in their interests – Do they like art, music, sports? If they are involved in an event show up and be encouraging and supportive.

21. 2 Creams 1 sugar? – Find out how they like their coffee if they drink it and just bring them one sometimes.

22. Just send a text to say hi – Text them often just to say hi and see how their day is going.

23. Playful Banter – Gentle teasing followed by a complement, “you look like hell with your hair like that, but I do like the wild wind blown look on you.”

24. Eye Contact – Make sure you keep eye contact with him when talking, don’t look at your phone or around where you are, and focus all your attention on him. Guys like to be the center of your attention.

25. A Penny for your thoughts? – Let him know his thoughts and views are important to you, even if you don’t agree with him, let him know you value his ideas and thoughts.

26. If he is into music – In years past girls would make mix tapes, today’s equivalent, make a playlist to share of his favorite music with some songs through in that will make him think of you and know you pay attention to his preferences.

27. Check Yes or No – If he likes country music, send him the video for “Check Yes or No” by George Straight.

28. Text or Email your feelings – Send a text or email saying how you feel if you can’t talk in person without freezing up. This isn’t your hello how are you doing today text, this is pour out your deepest feelings and emotions text, a smiley face picture probably isn’t enough to convey your point.

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29. Tell him you want to talk – Over a drink just come right out and say how you feel about him.

30. A kiss goodnight – Wait till you are saying good night and just kiss him, this should make it clear you are looking for more than just friendship.

you like a co-worker

You like your Co-worker

Sometimes you find the one you like at work. While some places frown upon interwork relationships, you can’t always help who you like. If it won’t get you in trouble, you could try some of these ideas to get that co-worker to see you as more than just a casual water cooler friend.

1. Give them your card – Give them your business card with a personal message about how you can’t wait to see them again.

2. Interoffice email – Send them emails regularly asking about work things and casually asking things like how are you doing, how was your weekend, or talk about the latest work gossip developing your own inside jokes.

3. Start the day off right – Find out how they like to start their day, coffee, tea, soda, and bring them some.

4. Food for thought – A lot of office workers enjoy snacks, find out what snack he likes and make it appear. Remember guys like food.

5. Post it so you don’t forget it – Leave post it notes on his computer or workstation with cute quotes or messages that will make him think of you when he sees them.

6. What makes him tick – Find out what his interests are outside of work and talk to him about them, get him talking to you as someone other than a coworker.

7. A guys got to eat – Ask him to lunch sometime, who doesn’t need lunch?

8. Let me buy you a drink – Ask him to go out for drinks or happy hour after work one day. What better way to transition from work to personal life than over a few beers or cocktails?

9. Message in a locker – If you have lockers at work you can leave a note in his saying you want to see him soon.

10. First things first – Find out if they are single. Ask him if he is seeing anyone and see how he responds, if it is just a simple no or if you get a long drawn out no I’m still getting over her response.

11. Project help – Ask for help with a project ‘over lunch.’

12. Eye Contact – Make lots of eye contact when talking so he knows you are paying attention to him.

13. Move in closer – Move closer to him when talking alone so he sees you want to be near him and are engaged in what he is saying.

14. Extend the hand of help – Offer to help him with something at work, show him you want to be there for him and aren’t just always asking his help.

15. Lips are sexy – When talking to him, moisten your lips, it is a time honored signal to guys you are interested in them.

16. Crossing to him – When sitting near him cross your legs towards him, a subtle jester but remember little things add up.

17. Mirror Mirror – In conversations mirror his movements, not like a game of charades, but just subtle changes in body language to show you are in tune with him.

18. Small jesters for attention – Fidgeting with a necklace or bracelet will help draw attention to you.

19. Damsel in Distress? – Ask them to look at something that is ‘broken’ on your car, or check your tier pressure.

20. The I’m short card – Ask for help hanging up something in the office that is too heavy or your too short to do alone.

21. Oh Tech Support – Ask for help fixing your computer or office equipment, that copy machine is always jamming.

22. Office warfare – Leave a mini nerf gun on their desk with a note saying “I’m aiming for you” and blitz attack him. Who doesn’t love a fun game of nerf war to break up the monotony of the day?

23. Post it loud and clear – Cover his workspace in heart post it notes. Some guys need a clear message about how you feel; this should get his mind moving in the right direction.

24. Direct is best sometimes – Send him an email directly asking him out to lunch / drinks / dinner. You may need to skip cute and funny methods and go straight for direct.

25. Talk outside work – Ask for his personal number and text him. Get things moving outside the office.

26. Find a common interest – Maybe your coworker is someone you volunteer with, invite them out to help with a mutual cause and bond over that.

27. Bond over helping others – Many companies like to give back, so organize a community service project with them and spend lots of long hours working on it together, as you do make sure you find ways to casually touch and engage with them.

28. Along for the Ride – If you have to go to a meeting in another location ask to ride together so you can talk, then make the conversation personal, not work related

29. Keep Calling / Texting – Just because you text a couple times outside work, you have to keep it up and keep them engaged with you. Call or text them outside of work just to chat or set up a time to meet.

30. Blunt discussion – Be blunt and tell them you like them and want to get to know them more, sometimes even the smartest guys wont pick up that you like them even if you hang out outside work. You need to tell him how you feel.


Your Friend has a friend you have taken a liking to

You have a group of friends you hang out with regularly. Sometimes not everyone in that group is someone you know well. It could be a new coworker someone has brought into the fold, or an old friend moved back to the area you didn’t know before. Regardless, this person that has started hanging out with mutual friends is your new interest. You could use some help getting to know them, try some of these ideas.

1. Sometimes 3 or more is not a crowd – Ask your friend to invite them out in a group outing. This way you remove the chance of maybe he will be there maybe he will not, you will know. You can now plan for it and make a good impression.

2. Double trouble – Ask your friend to set you up on a double date to dinner with the guy. This way you have back up if things don’t go the way you want, and you don’t have to be so shy if you were one on one.

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3. Funny running into you here – Find out where they your friend will be with him and “happen to be there” too (arrange this with your friend in advance so as not to be creepy).

4. I can’t make this shot – Go play pool as a group and ask him to help you with a shot. Getting him to stand close and help position you can be sexy and fun. Great ice breaker.

5. Let me get that for you – When hanging out if you see them stretching or rubbing their neck offer a quick neck massage. Gives you a chance to touch him and open up some dialog, also give him a chance to see what you can do.

6. Focus on him – When hanging out in a group sit near them and engage him, show him you are interested with your behavior.

7. Keep focused on him – Touch him in a casual way during conversations, don’t be creepy, brushing his arm or leg is not too forward but shows an interest.

8. Notice their features – Tell them you like their eyes or hair, guys like complements too.

9. Get close enough to smell – Tell them they smell great and you like whatever sent they have on, it requires you move in close to them and lets them know you are noticing small things about them.

10. Dress to impress – Dress sexy when you all go out, guys notice, and make sure he sees you looking at him so he knows you went all out for him.

11. Be eye catching – Fidgeting with a necklace around him when out in a group to draw his attention to you with the movement, it can help you focus his attention on you as well as you on him.

12. Chivalry isn’t dead – Ask for help putting on your jacket and thank him for such impeccable manners.

13. Need a Ride? – Offer to give them a ride to work or anywhere else he might need.

14. Help a guy out – Offer to help them work on a project of move.

15. Puppy School – Tell them you need to socialize your new puppy and ask them to help. Even guys like puppies even if they don’t admit it, what’s not to love.

16. “Have you read…?” – Find out what they like to read and happen to have that book or magazine with you.

17. “Did you see…?” Find out what kind of movies or shows they like and talk about them.

18. Let me buy you a drink – Usually it is the guy trying to buy the girl a drink, turn it around and buy him a drink when out next time. It shows you like him for him and not for a free drink.

19. Let me fix that for you – Fix his collar or hair if you notice it out of place, this is kind of a personal thing and shows you have an interest in his appearance.

20. Guys like to be noticed too – Notice something about his outfit and complement it, if he looks really put together chances are he put some effort into looking nice make sure he knows you noticed.

21. So what do you do? – Ask about their job, if it is a job they love keep asking questions to show you are interested in them and their life.

22. Love what they love – If you know they like something like lizards, ask about that and let them go on for a while about a topic they love.

23. What’s that noise? – If they are car guys ask them to look at the squeak in your car, most will enjoy checking it out and telling you what to do to fix it, you might get lucky and set a date to have them come help you out with the problem.

24. Got ink? – If they like tattoos and you have some of your own play a game of “show me yours and I will show you mine.” Most people with tattoos get them for a reason; talk about why they have the ones they do.

25. Travel guide – If they just got back from a trip ask lots of questions about the place to keep them engaged and tell them how much you would love to see that place.

26. Don’t leave him hanging – If the group goes rock climbing ask for help with your harness and maybe “get stuck” on the rock and need their help to get down. This could lead to lots of laughs and memories.

27. Don’t strike out – Out bowling, ask for help improving your game, and maybe have him stand behind you to help with your swing, works for baseball batting cages too.

28. The outdoorsman – How about a group camping and fishing trip, you can ask him to bait your hook or impress him with your casting abilities.

29. A picture is worth a thousands words – Selfies are big, ask to take some selfies with the guy when you are out. This shows him you want to remember him and that night.

30. Keep in touch – Ask for his number to text the pictures to him and keep texting him after that night.


There is a neighbor or person you see in passing daily you want to get to know better

We all have someone we see day in and day out, you might not know their name, but still you feel like you know part of them. It could be the guy that always gives up his seat to a woman or elderly person on the bus or train, it could be the guy you see walking every day always giving change to the homeless, or you just pass each day on your way in and out of the building. Whatever it is, he does something that makes you notice him enough to want to get to know him more. These tips may help you with this kind of guy.

1. Big Tips – If it is your local barista or server you see regularly that you are attracted to you can give them a big tip. This is sure to make your memorable to them. You can make friends and move from there.

2. Flirt – Flirting sounds simple, when you see them be playful and smile a lot.

3. First impressions matter – Dress extra nice or cute when you know you will run into them, even if it is not the first impression, they will notice you looking good and dressing your best.

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4. Helpful or no? – Drop something near them and if they help you pick it up be extra thankful. If they don’t help you pick up things, chances are you don’t want to be with that person.

5. Important questions first – Ask him if he is single. This is a good opener for expressing an interest in developing a relationship.

6. Coffee? – Ask him to go out and grab coffee or a drink, it is a great way to get to know someone without a big commitment to dinner and a date.

7. Show an interest in them – Ask questions about their life when you see them.

8. Show interest in their hobbies – Ask questions about their interests, “Oh I see you have hiking pack do you like camping?”

9. Be neighborly – Ask to borrow something, the old “Can I borrow a cup of sugar” is a classic.

10. Damsel in moving distress – Play the damsel in distress, can you help me move this couch? Guys like to be the fixer of things, and fixing the location of a couch is a great way to help out.

11. Vroom Vroom – After food, guys love their cars. Complement their car and you are sure to start a conversation.

12. Clothing makes the man – Complement their clothing, some guys take great pride in dressing sharp and want a woman to notice.

13. Guys want to be noticed too – Notice their hair or facial hair is different and tell them how great they look, it is a great opener.

14. Go Team! – If they have sports team clothing on, make a comment about the team “Hay the Cowboy’s are doing great this year aren’t they?”

15. Looking to get fit – If they are athletic ask for tips on training and nutrient, see if they wouldn’t mind sharing information and some of their favorite places to go and work out.

16. Ask advice – If they are a runner ask for ideas on best running tracks or paths, they will probably know some good ones, let this lead into talks about why those places are their favorites.

17. Off for a Run – Ask them if they want to go on a run with you some weekend. You work up a sweat and than can cool down and chat, getting to know each other.

18. In need of Tech Support – Ask for help setting up your wifi, guys like to help women in need and many like showing off their skills in things like this. Let him be the hero and thank him for it.

19. Remember Guys and food? – When they help offer to cook them dinner as a personal thank you for all their help.

20. Bake them a Cake – Ask what their favorite dessert is and bake it for them as a thank you for helping you out.

21. Laughter fills the heart – If you hear him tell a joke laugh at it and look him in the eyes.

22. Here’s my number – Give him your phone number and ask him to text / call you.

23. Puppy love? – Do they have a dog? Make friends with the dog and the owner will have a hard time ignoring you.

24. A walk in the park – Use the dog as an opener to get to know him and let him know you find his pet important too. Talk about different dogs and offer to go for a walk with them both or to the local dog park.

25. Admiration of their garden – If they have a garden complement them on, some guys take great pride in their ability to cultivate a beautiful garden. Make sure to tell him what flower is your favorite.

26. Green Thumb compliments – If they have a vegetable garden, tell them how much you love fresh vegetables and complement his green thumb.

27. Two tickets to paradise, or at least work – You see the same guy on the train everyday to work and you notice where he gets off each day, you can ask him about his neighborhood and how he likes it to open the conversation, maybe ask him for a tour to show you around the hot places to see.

28. Shopping for more than groceries – You keep running into the cute guy at the grocery store or farmers market, you strike up a conversation about the groceries and ask to trade recipes, maybe set a taste testing date of favorite things to make.

29. At the gym make small talk – So there is a guy that is always at the gym there when you are, you can trade workout tips and set up a time to workout together.

30. Be direct – Say “I have seen you around and would like a chance to get to know you, lets go out sometime” Sometimes direct is the best approach with a guy.

over the top ways

Over the Top or Go Big or Go Home

1. Have your declaration of love posted on a billboard – Nothing tells a man how you feel like proclaiming your love for everyone to see as they drive by.

2. Have a plane fly the message on a banner across the sky – Sitting out on the beach you always see planes pass by with banners flying behind them with a message about something, so make this one special, his name, and your message of passion for all to see.

3. Hire a band to deliver a love ballad to them – for the music lover, hire a band to show up where you are and sing to him a love ballad.

4. Arrange for a flash mob to show – When out, set up a flash mob to arrive where you are and at the end be standing there ready to spill your heart and soul.

5. Rent a limo – For a night on the town telling him you are planning a group trip but “at the last min everyone cancelled” and it is just the two of you and have a bottle of champagne on ice.

No matter how you decide to tell a guy you like him, want to get to know him better or just have a feeling he is the one, make sure you own your feelings and don’t wait for him to come to you. Be bold and go after what you want. If you sit and wait, someone else could come sweep him off his feet as you sit and think about all the things you wish you had done. Go for it! Now is the time to tell him!