5 Unambiguous Signs He Wants a Serious Relationship


Alot of men, in today’s dating scene, are on the lookout for clear indicators that a woman wants a serious relationship from the very outset.

This stems from the fact that many men, especially those in their twenties and thirties, are in pursuit of the complete package – enduring love, deep commitment, and potential marriage.

Despite living in an era that champions independence and self-reliance, the reality is that nearly everyone craves a partner to love and share their life with.

Moreover, the desire to start a family and establish a stable home life is a significant factor for many, making it understandable why they are hesitant to invest time in a relationship that might not lead to a lasting commitment.

Regrettably, it’s often the same men who, from the first date, seek signs of a woman being ‘the one,’ who find themselves entangled in prolonged relationships devoid of any real indication of commitment.

The question arises: how can a man identify the ideal partner for him?

These men cling to the hope that the woman will propose exclusivity, envisioning a relationship where they are committed solely to each other.

Yet, more often than not, this conversation is delayed.

Before long, the man realizes he’s ceased dating others, while she may still be exploring her options, with no immediate plans to settle down.

This leaves him in a position of seeking commitment from a partner who may not be ready to offer it.

So let’s break it down for you with this lowdown on the 5 Signs He Wants a Relationship

How to Tell If He Wants a Serious Relationship with You

Understanding whether you want a serious relationship with him is as crucial as observing his behavior and the words he uses.

Your desire for a more profound connection will likely influence how he responds to you, potentially leading to more evident signs from his side, including:

  1. Body Language: Look for signs like leaning in towards you, initiating physical contact, or more frequent smiling. These are non-verbal cues that he’s comfortable and interested in you.
  2. Laughing at Your Jokes: Pay attention to whether he laughs at your jokes, even the ones that aren’t particularly funny. This could indicate he enjoys your company and is trying to build a connection.
  3. Being Genuine with You: If he’s open and doesn’t feel the need to hide his true self, it’s a sign of comfort and trust, which are crucial in a serious relationship.
  4. Improved Mood Around You: Notice if his mood brightens when you’re around. This could mean that your presence has a positive impact on him, suggesting a deeper emotional connection.
  5. Sharing Personal Details: If he shares personal stories or secrets, it indicates a level of trust and the desire for a closer bond.
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If you observe these signs and feel that he might be interested in dating you exclusively, it’s important to have a conversation about where you both see the relationship going.

Pay attention to your own feelings and reactions to these signs, as they can guide you in understanding your readiness for a serious relationship with him.


1. He engages in a subtle flirtation with you.

When a man harbors feelings for you, completely concealing them can be a challenge, regardless of his efforts to do so.

You’re emotionally on the same wavelength, so you understand the feeling well.

There are times when you’re overwhelmed with the desire to kiss him but hold back because you don’t want to blur the lines of your friendship.

Meme gif. Shaquille O’Neal looks at us in the corner of his eye as he purses his lips in a flirty way. He shakes his shoulders and chest as he stares at us.

In response, you might opt for a gentle hug instead. A guy who is interested in you experiences similar impulses.

While he might manage to control his urge to openly express his feelings when you’re together, these feelings often inadvertently surface through subtle flirting, especially in texts.

If he sends messages like “Hey, you looked amazing in that dress today smile emoji” or “Been thinking about you.

Wish we had more time to chat,” these are clear indicators that he sees you as more than just a friend.

These messages reveal his affection and interest, suggesting that he might be looking for a deeper connection.

2. He recalls and values every small detail about you.

Thinking Of You GIF

When a man develops feelings for you, his desire to know you extends beyond mere friendship. You might have noticed his keen interest in learning about your

  1. family,
  2. friends,
  3. childhood
  4. experiences,
  5. preferences,
  6. dislikes,
  7. aspirations,
  8. and life ambitions

This sincere curiosity about your life is a strong indicator that he wants more than just a platonic relationship. He doesn’t just listen; he remembers these details vividly, even if the conversation occurred a long time ago.

If you’re questioning whether his “just friends” stance is genuine, you can test it subtly.

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Mention a minor detail about yourself in conversation, and then casually ask,

“Do you remember I mentioned this before?” Observe his reaction.

If he’s interested in you romantically, he won’t just recall this detail but might also connect it with other things you’ve shared, demonstrating how much he values and pays attention to your words.

3. He subtly hints at his feelings for you.

When deciphering whether a male friend harbors deeper feelings for you, this sign is often quite evident. If the friend you have feelings for reciprocates those feelings, he will inevitably find ways to hint at it.

These hints might be disguised as casual conversation or playful teasing, so it’s important to be attentive to catch these subtle signals.

How You Feeling GIF by Peloton

Have you heard him say things like “Any woman would be lucky to be with you” or “He’s not right for you, you deserve someone who understands you better”?

These comments are his way of suggesting that he can see himself in the role of a significant other in your life.

The feeling that “he says we’re just friends but behaves differently” isn’t just your imagination.

His actions and words are indications that he indeed has deeper feelings for you.

4. Planning Future Dates.

You’ve just spent an incredible evening with a man who you believe could be the love of your life.

The night was filled with laughter, deep conversations about the future, and sharing personal stories and aspirations. As the date nears its end, however, he hasn’t hinted at a second date or expressed a desire to see you again.

Despite what felt like a genuine connection, his reluctance to plan ahead may suggest he’s not ready to commit to a relationship at this moment.

Sometimes, you might encounter men with whom you instantly click. He can make you laugh, appreciates your humor, and seems to share your future aspirations and even your taste in movies.

He seemed engaged, asking all the right questions, making you feel confident about the prospect of this relationship.

But after the date, if he doesn’t initiate plans for a second meeting, you might wonder what went wrong.

The truth is, perhaps nothing went wrong. It’s possible he has a naturally affable personality that allows him to connect easily with others. Maybe, despite liking you, he’s hesitant about committing, perhaps due to fear or being overwhelmed by his feelings.

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Or, he might just need more time before reaching out again.

If he begins planning future dates even before the first one concludes, it could indicate he already views you as a potential partner.

If not, it’s okay to move on and remain open to the possibility of him reaching out later.

The key is to understand his actions (or lack thereof) and not rush to conclusions, giving both of you the space to understand your feelings and intentions.

5. He Opens Up About His Feelings for You.

Occasionally, when women struggle to decipher a man’s signals, they might decide to express their feelings directly.

After possibly hinting at his interest, he may grow weary of waiting for you to initiate further steps.

It requires significant courage for him to make such a disclosure, and he likely has spent considerable time contemplating this decision.

If he openly tells you that he sees you as more than a friend and inquires about your feelings, this is a pivotal moment.

It’s crucial to share your feelings honestly at this stage; hesitation could mean missing a potentially meaningful relationship.

If the man you’re interested in displays many of these signs, consider yourself fortunate, as it indicates he’s eager to move beyond just being friends.

The critical question is whether you’re prepared to progress with him. Delaying your response might result in losing the opportunity altogether.

It’s important to understand your own feelings before making a move.

Men, like women, may hesitate to make the first move due to fear of jeopardizing a valued friendship.

The concern of complicating the relationship by admitting romantic feelings is common, as it entails risking the entire friendship.

However, relationships inherently involve risks, and often, the greater the risk, the more significant the potential reward.

Open and honest communication is key.

Don’t let fear obstruct the possibility of a beautiful relationship that both of you could share.