How to Make a Guy Like You over Text: The Art of Digital Flirtation


In the age of smartphones and instant messaging, our romantic pursuits have inevitably migrated into the digital sphere.

Gone are the days when courtship was solely a matter of exchanged glances or handwritten notes.

Today, sparks often fly not across a room, but across online platforms. With this shift comes a new set of challenges: How do you convey charm, wit, and genuine interest in just a few lines of text?

How do you ensure that your messages leave a lasting impression? If you’ve ever pondered how to make a guy like you over text, you’re not alone.

This article aims to guide you through the subtle dance of digital flirtation, offering tips and insights to help you craft captivating messages that not only capture his attention but also his heart.

Whether you’re just starting a conversation or keeping the flames of interest alive, let’s delve into the art of making him swoon, one text at a time.

#1 Send a Flirty Emoji –

Emojis have transformed the way we communicate digitally, often conveying emotions and intentions more succinctly than words ever could. When it comes to flirting, the right emoji can add a playful twist to your message and make your intentions clear, all while keeping things light and fun.

However, the key lies in being subtle and not overdoing it. Remember, a single, well-placed emoji can often speak louder than a barrage of them.

Example 1: “You must be a magician ????, because every time I look at you, everyone else disappears.”

The hat emoji adds a touch of charm and whimsy to the compliment, making the text feel playful and lighthearted.

Example 2: “Looking forward to our date tonight ????.”

The smirk emoji here adds a flirty undertone, suggesting that you’re excited and there might be some playful teasing or surprise in store for the evening.

Incorporating emojis into your texting repertoire can be a fun way to add flavor to your messages, but always be mindful of the recipient’s comfort level and be sure to adapt your approach based on their responses.

 #2 Show Genuine Interest in His Life –

Taking the time to inquire about his day or show genuine interest in the things that matter to him can foster deeper connections and make a guy feel special.

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Everyone appreciates being valued, and by asking him about his day or diving deeper into his interests, hobbies, or passions, you’re demonstrating that you truly care about his well-being and personal experiences.

Example 1: “Hey! How did your presentation go today? I remember you were a bit nervous about it.”

This type of text lets him know that you’ve been paying attention to the things he shares with you and that you genuinely care about the outcomes of his endeavors.

Example 2: “I heard that a new movie in the genre you love is coming out soon. Fancy watching it together?”

This message demonstrates that you recall his preferences and are interested in spending time together in ways that he would enjoy. It also subtly hints at a future plan, which can be exciting and shows your proactive interest in him.

#3 Ask Him for Advice –

Seeking advice is not only a subtle way of showing trust but also a brilliant method to make someone feel valued and appreciated.

When you ask a guy for his perspective or guidance on a topic he’s knowledgeable about, you’re indirectly complimenting his expertise and wisdom.

Additionally, it creates an opportunity for deeper engagement and allows him to take on a protective or advisory role, which can foster intimacy.

However, it’s essential to ensure that your request is genuine and not just a pretext to strike up a conversation, as insincerity can easily be detected and can counteract the intended effect.

Example 1: Instead of: “I’m thinking of buying a new laptop, just felt like telling you.” Try: “I’m on the hunt for a new laptop and remember you mentioning you’re tech-savvy. Any recommendations?”

This text shows that you value his opinion in areas he’s knowledgeable about and creates an opportunity for a deeper conversation.

Example 2: Instead of: “I watched a documentary on space last night. It was confusing.” Try: “Caught a documentary on space and was baffled by black holes. You’re into astronomy, right? Care to enlighten me?”

Here, you’re acknowledging his interest in a subject and inviting him to share his passion and knowledge with you.

By seeking his advice, you’re not only opening doors for meaningful conversations but also allowing him to feel a sense of significance in your life.

Remember, it’s not about appearing clueless but showing respect for his insights and experiences.

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#4 Make an ‘Inside Joke’ –

Creating and referencing an inside joke is a potent tool for deepening your bond. It creates a secret world between just the two of you, one that outsiders aren’t privy to.

Such shared moments and memories not only infuse humor but also foster a sense of exclusivity and closeness.

The key to a successful inside joke is ensuring it’s rooted in a shared experience or conversation.

It doesn’t have to be something profound; even the most mundane or quirky observations can become cherished shared memories.

Example 1: “Guess what? I saw another pink flamingo lawn ornament today! ???? Our town’s being invaded.”

Referencing a past conversation where both of you found humor in noticing an unusual number of pink flamingo decorations can bring back the fun of that shared moment.

Example 2: “Ordered a coffee this morning and guess what? They spelled my name wrong again. Maybe I should just change it to ‘Bob’ like you suggested! ????”

Referring back to a previous discussion where you laughed about frequent misspellings of your name can serve as a reminder of shared humor and light-heartedness.

Remember, the beauty of an inside joke lies in its exclusivity. It’s a nod to a shared memory, and even if others don’t get it, it’s meant to bring a smile to the two who are in the know.

#5 Avoid Boring Topics and Subjects That Are Emotionally Heavy –

Engaging in light, fun, and exciting conversations is vital when trying to make a lasting impression, especially in the initial stages of getting to know someone.

While deep and meaningful chats have their place and can strengthen a relationship over time, it’s essential to strike a balance and not overwhelm your connection with heavy topics or mundane details.

Aim to keep the conversation lively, injecting humor and curiosity.

Doing so ensures that your texts are something he looks forward to rather than something he dreads or finds draining.

Example 1: Instead of: “My day was so monotonous. I had to attend five back-to-back meetings.” Try: “Survived the great meeting marathon today! ???? Any fun stories from your day to revive me?”

The revised text still shares a detail from your day but does so in a light-hearted manner, inviting him to share and contribute positively to the conversation.

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Example 2: Instead of: “I’m really stressed about the political situation right now. Everything seems so hopeless.” Try: “Took a break from the news today and tried a new dessert recipe. ???? Ever tried making something to distract yourself?”

The latter approach acknowledges the need for a break from heavy topics and invites a change in the direction of the conversation, focusing on lighter, more personal subjects.

Keeping initial texting interactions on a positive note can pave the way for deeper connections later on.
#6 Be Confident –

Confidence is universally appealing. It’s not just about knowing your worth but also expressing yourself with assurance and authenticity.

When texting, this self-assuredness can shine through in the way you communicate, making you more attractive and intriguing.

However, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so it’s crucial to strike the right balance.

When you’re confident, you allow conversations to flow naturally, you aren’t afraid to show your genuine self, and you respect both your feelings and his.

Example 1: Instead of: “I know you probably won’t be interested, but would you like to check out that new café with me?” Try: “I heard about this great new café downtown. Fancy joining me for a coffee there?”

The latter approach demonstrates a direct and self-assured invitation without sounding presumptuous or overly self-deprecating.

Example 2: Instead of: “I hope I’m not bothering you. Can I share something exciting that happened today?” Try: “Had an exciting day and thought you’d love to hear about it! Got a moment?”

The second text radiates positivity and confidence, indicating that you believe your stories and experiences are worth sharing.

Ultimately, being confident in texting means being unapologetically yourself, valuing your feelings and thoughts, and expressing them without the fear of judgment.

It’s about trusting that being genuine will always be more appealing than trying to mold yourself to someone else’s expectations.