5 Shocking “Things” Men Want From Women But won’t Ask For


we’re gonna talk about five things that men want but will never ask you for.

A lot of people out there men and women, they’ll get into a relationship and there are certain things that they want and they need in the relationship but they don’t really feel like it’s their place to tell their partner about it.

 So we’re gonna talk about some things that men typically want and need in a relationship but tend not to talk about because maybe they don’t feel it like it’s okay for them to talk about. 

Maybe their they’ve been told that what they want doesn’t matter that there’s a lot of reasons why a guy might not talk or tell you about the things that he really wants in his relationship and he’ll never just ask you for

We’ve got five of them here and number five is really one of the most important ones it’s really one of the most powerful ones

so make sure that you stay tuned until that one

#1. He Wants To Be Noticed For His Masculine Qualities.

It’s the provider and the protector. it’s him taking care of things. it’s him protecting you even if you feel like you don’t need protection or you don’t want a guy to protect you or take care of you that doesn’t matter right because men want to feel like they’re men right?

It would be like telling a woman that who wants to feel like a woman that it doesn’t matter what she wants or to feel like a woman

Men want to feel like men and so if you want him to feel really good about you and you want him to feel like he’s getting his needs met, complement him or appreciate him or tell him that you’re grateful for things that he does that are masculine right

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Things like protecting you or paying for something or any way where he’s taking care of you or he’s fixing things for you or he’s making sure that you’re okay, compliment him on those things and he’ll absolutely love it.


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The second thing that a man really wants but probably won’t ask you for is

#2. He Wants You To Respect Him For Who He Is And What He Does Well.

Respect is really important in a relationship and I’ve talked about this and in other articles and really men want to feel like they’re respected. It’s as important to them as for a woman to feel loved right? he wants to be respected by men. He wants to be respected by the woman that he’s with.

He wants to earn that respect right so a lot of women don’t seem to understand this whole thing about earning a respect and you know III don’t think that you should just give out respect, I think that men want to feel respected no matter what in the relationship.

But I also think that he wants to feel to you like he’s earned that respect right and so what you want to look at is the things that he’s done in his life and who he is as a man and what he’s created and what he’s good at and what he’s talented with and in kind of the places that he’s been working on in his life

 You want to appreciate him and tell him you value him and tell him you’re grateful or are attracted to those things that he does that he’s been working on and that’s really really powerful and really attractive to a man 

So number three is that

#3. He Wants Your Never-Ending Undying Loyalty And Support.

Loyalty to a man is really really important. he wants you a woman that’s gonna stand by him and when he’s feeling like he’s alone or if things are going badly in his life or he’s fighting for something or he’s kind of in some kind of struggle of some sort.

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he wants to have a woman who stands by him

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And his loyalty to him and stalks him up around other people as well as to himself and if if you’re he wants a woman who really believes in him or helps him believe in himself like a woman like that is just oh my god like two men is just so powerful and so attractive

 just you know it’s one of those things where if a guy’s got that he’s like I don’t want to let this woman go she’s amazing so


Number four is

#4. He Wants A Woman Who Will Allow Him To Have His Space If He Feels Like He Needs It.

There’s kind of this thing out there in the relationship world where women are like oh no some women that I’ve talked to in our community have said things like oh no when you’re in a relationship

You don’t have free time anymore. you don’t have your own space. It’s all about us and that’s really smothering kind of like pushing a guy away type of thing because it’s just really some people need

If a guy needs some space give him some space. Let him go hang out with his friends. Encourage him to go out and do his hobbies. Encourage him to do things that he wants to do on his own that are like so attractive

 It’s like the opposite of the kind of like there’s this thing in the relationship world where a guy gets into a relationship and it’s like all of a sudden, he can’t do things on his own anymore. He’s possessed by this woman and it’s really unattractive to him and it makes him feel like less of a man and so you want to give him some space if he really needs it so. 

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Number five and this is just unbelievably powerful one is

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#5. He Wants To Be Able To Tell You Anything.

He wants to have a woman that he feels safe to open up around and just tell anything – Without feeling like she’s gonna go and talk about it with other people or feeling like she’s going to like make fun of him.

There’s a lot of women out there that are that kind of get stuck in their masculine and they’re like teasing guys and a guy will open up about something and she’ll like make fun of him and that immediately like puts her in this category of like this person that I can’t open up to and tell things.

instead, you want to be somebody that he can say anything to without him feeling like you’re gonna get jealous or angry or hurt or upset. I’m not saying that those emotions are bad emotions for you to have or that you should suppress those things

But if you want a guy to really kind of fall in love with you, and feel like you’re just this amazing special woman, he’s got to feel like he can just talk to you about anything in them and the higher extent that he feels he can tell you anything.

The more he’ll feel like man this woman is just absolutely amazing thanks for reading and please consider sharing with your friends