Relationship Problems – Men Vs. Women


The amount of people that are unsatisfied with their love lives is high. We know lots of single people and lots in relationships they aren’t completely happy with.

It is rare if we have within our social circle one example of a truly solid relationship.

This article is for helping men to become better; the reason it can’t be for both sexes is because men and women have their problems at different stages of male-female interaction.

A man’s most common failing is that he can’t even pluck up the courage to start a conversation, and, if he can, he finds it difficult to evolve that to a date, and eventually to a relationship.

Even if he is very attractive, he won’t get approached very often at all.

The man is still expected to make the first moves, to start the conversation, to ask for the woman’s number, to ask her for a date, to go for the kiss etc.

There is much more of a requirement for him to be active in starting the relationship.

An attractive woman can go to a busy nightspot, and she is almost guaranteed to be approached over and over again.

All she has to do is decide if she will talk to the guy, if she will give her number, if she will meet for a date, and if she wants to let the guy kiss her.

In most cases, the man has decided that he wants her before he has spoken to her, and there is not much she can say or do to make him change his mind.

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She doesn’t need to be funny, confident or fascinating.

But it’s not all easy for a woman. Her problem comes later in separating the good guys from the bad guys.

Her logical mind wants a nice guy who is reliable, who she can introduce to her parents and who will always be there.

However, her emotional mind wants to tame the wild guy, to meet someone who is unpredictable and surprising, someone she has to work for, that she could lose at any moment.

The nice guy usually gets dumped and the bad guy normally breaks a lot of hearts.

For a while I thought I’d need to become ‘the jerk that women love’, and be a fool in order to get more women and avoid having girls dump me – but then I realized it’s actually possible to stay a nice guy while introducing some of the characteristics of the bad guy, without actually being bad.

This is the way society works at the moment.