5 Ways to become High Value Woman that He’ll Never Want to Leave

Today we’re gonna be talking about how to become a high-value woman and I always say becoming a high-value woman it’s not a sprint.
It’s more like a journey. It’s a journey of constant improvement of constant working on yourself, refining and tuning yourself to become a better version of yourself and this is how I see it.

Think of becoming a High-Value Woman.  she is someone that has class and is respectable and has high standards are something that you have to think about specifically for yourself because every woman is going to have her own standards.

#1. Respectable & Has High Standards.

Standards are something that has absolutely everything to do with you and nothing to do with the other person. So you should never readjust your standards or change your standards to appease anyone else.

“Tap into the male psychology and make sure your man never even *thinks* about another woman… just by sending this crazy ‘attention pulling text message!”

My best advice is for you to specifically write down your standards. that way you don’t compromise on those standards.

Because if you’re not firm on your standards it will be so easy for you to bend it or to say oh well, “Can compromise on this or well he really loves me”. So I’ll compromise on this or he really seems to care about me, I’ll compromise on this and if you keep compromising at the end of the day, you’re sacrificing yourself to please someone else.

 Standards are 100 percent for you and if you’re someone that doesn’t have standards, That means that you will always Bend for someone else, . Standards are non-negotiable if you continuously compromise on your standards, then a man will see that as a weakness. 

He will see that obviously you like him so much to the point where you’re sacrificing your standards for him, and over time men won’t respect you for that.

So if you want a man to respect you and cherish you he will respect you more when you learn how to say no and when you learn how to stand firm on your standards and boundaries.

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#2. Content & Confident Within Yourself.

A high value woman is also content and confident within herself to the point where she doesn’t seek validation from others. She doesn’t seek validation from men or friends or Outsiders. She seeks that validation from God from within because God is within her.

Her self-esteem isn’t tied to other people. So if she receives a rejection from other people, she sees that more as a blessing.


I always say rejection is just simply redirection.


Rejection is always a blessing in disguise because if someone rejects you whether that’s a friend or a man that you’re interested in if he’s rejecting in any way, It’s just simply because he’s just not the one for you which can only leave the door open for you to receive the one that is for you.

You see what I’m saying

#3. Competition.

A high-value woman- She’s not in competition with men nor women.

She just sees herself as a competition. so she’s always seeking improvement upon herself and she doesn’t try to compare herself to others or be competitive to others because she knows that at the end of the day she’s her own competition.

If there’s anything that she wants in life, she can go ahead and go achieve that and stay in her Lane. She doesn’t have time to indulge in gossip and complaining and spreading false rumors about other people because only insecure people do things like that.

Only someone who is not self-secure within herself goes to the extreme to bring other women down. A high-value woman uplifts other women and it’s very important to not only be kind to others but be kind to yourself.

“Tap into the male psychology and make sure your man never even *thinks* about another woman… just by sending this crazy ‘attention pulling text message!”

 Because when you’re someone who constantly seeking self-improvement, You can be your biggest enemy and you can be just super harsh upon yourself but just keep in mind that you’re doing the best that you can and you’re not perfect. 

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You will make mistakes. it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to learn from your mistakes and grow from your mistakes that will only give you wisdom. The best thing that you can do is to grow and learn from your mistakes. Try not to repeat those mistakes and forgive yourself.

#4. Attitude, Emotions, & Physical Appearance.

A high-value woman is aware of her attitude her emotions and how she shows up in the world.

So your attitude about how you present yourself how you dress your physical appearance matters. It truly matters how you speak to other people.

It matters just modestly just like you care about yourself. stop wearing those hair bonnets put some pride into your parents. wake up each day just grateful and look like you’re excited to show up in the world.

Don’t walk around with an angry face because that’s going to reflect in your attitude towards people and no one’s gonna want to be around an angry person, and you’re not gonna enjoy your own company being angry and miserable.

The last thing I want to touch on which is definitely not the least and I’m sure that there are so many different characteristics of a high value woman in which we’re just touching on and my whole site encompasses being a high value woman, So we will definitely be able to touch more on different aspects

The last thing that I want to speak on is that a high value woman leads in

5 Her Femininity

I see femininity as being conscious of yourself. femininity is simply

  • your mannerism,
  • your behavior,
  • your attitude towards life.

It’s an energy that you have about yourself. your aura femininity is its softness calmness stillness.

Femininity is your grace kindness and the light that God shines from within to out which draws people to you. respect is given because of how you carry yourself and present yourself to the world and I feel as though it’s through your femininity that you’re able to just show up as a positive light in the world.

 I just feel like the world would just be such a dark place if you didn’t embrace your femininity and I know that in this culture masculinity is just being so heavily pushed on. You’ve just had to learn how to balance both your masculinity and femininity so that where you don’t lose your core essence as a woman. 

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If your mother out there and you’re reading to this, just make sure that you make a conscious effort to pass wisdom on to your children because again womanhood is just something that has to be taught.

I know that you know you want to teach your child to be independent and to go to college but just don’t forget to teach her information on how to love herself. How to treat herself how to put herself first wisdom regarding men and interactions with men and relationships just try not to make that information get lost.

So, I hope that this has helped you guys understand what a high-value woman is. I mean, I know we’ve all seen this woman from time to time, but I think it’s so good to  READ  these messages and just think of like OK,

  • what are the things that make me the high value women
  • what are the things within myself that I know

I need to work on in order to really be that woman and to you know, walk that walk and be the person that I really want to be in my life. so I can attract great relationships and go after the job that I want with confidence and not doubt myself in the decisions that I make.

So I hope that this has helped you guys and I will see you. Next week, so that is it for now. Thank you guys so much for tuning in and I will see you in my next article.